On-Demand Technology Support


We take full advantage of new and cutting edge technology to increase land management productivity.

Data Driven Decisions


We prioritize on delivering accurate data, and timeliness to help drive land management operations.

We support land management operations with actionable steps.


Designed by industry professionals, innovators, and researchers, ParaTrees offers the most comprehensive Land Management System that runs on a robust cloud-based network.

Enterprise Land Management Solutions


We provide both a software solution and technology aided support to enhance land management capabilities in near real time.

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Our vision


Our mission is to deliver high-quality service that will support land management needs and to help drive important decision


We combine research & development (R&D), innovation, and cutting edge technology

to deliver high quality products and services 

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On-Demand Management Support


Explore, schedule, and request any of our technology services that will enhance your management capabilities.


Precision Forestry 

Precision Forestry

Land Analysis + Report

Environmental Monitoring

Drone-based precision forestry provides many added benefits to your land management operation, ranging from direct seeding to the targeted application for treatment areas.


Land Analysis+ Report

Mapping and surveying support with the added benefits of same-day reports. Gain quick access to update maps, aerial photographs, and marketing videos for current or future operations.


Make confident decisions backed by reliable and current data.


Enterprise Land Management Software


Quickly, track, manage and access support for all land management needs.


Our CRM software helps you centralize, optimize, and streamline your communication. The better you know your customers, the stronger your relationships will be with them.


CRM, Business Resource & Planning


Accurate and timely access to reliable information. The ability to share information between all components of the organization. Elimination of unnecessary operations and data. Reduction of time and costs of litigation